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– Air Duct Cleaning –

In all of our duct cleaning we use a brush and negative air vacuum system that removes the dust and debris from all the air ducts.  We clean all parts of the system from in-take to vent we also sanitize the system. The brush is non-abrasive and will not damage your ducts. An air compression system is used as well.

  • Cleaning entire length of air ducts
  • Cleaning return/air intake
  • Cleaning air handler unit (furnace)
  • Cleaning furnace heat exchanger
  • Cleaning air handler blower
  • Cleaning registers (vent covers)
  • A/C coil sanitation
  • Air duct sanitation
  • Deodorizing
  • Air filter replacement

All services listed above are included in the quoted price.

A/C Coil Sanitation:

Air Conditioning Coils with no filterThe coils are what the air passes through to be cooled when using your air conditioning. They are very similar to the look of a radiator in your car. Over the years dust, pet fur and dander, your hair and other debris are sucked in through the intake and get matted on to your coils.  This will drastically reduce the air flow and efficiency of both the air conditioning and heating.  Getting them cleaned can greatly increase the efficiency of your heating and more importantly your air conditioning.  I have put a picture here to show what was removed from for a A/C coil.


– Chimney Sweep –

A chimney brush is inserted from either the bottom or top of the chimney brushing loose all the soot build up, which is then extracted using a high powered vacuum system. NO SOOT ENTERS THE HOME!

– Chimney Cap & Spark Arrestor Installation –

Installing a chimney cap/spark arrestor on your chimney will prevent rain, birds, rodents, leaves and other debris from entering the chimney flue. The cap/spark arrestor also prevents large burning debris from escaping the chimney. It has a very large screen surface area that allows smoke to escape with ease and will not easily clog (as would just a screen).

– Dryer Vent Cleaning –

We use a brush and vacuum system that removes all of the lint build-up that has accumulated over the years. The way it works is we have a soft rotating brush that we move through the ducting, dislodging any lint stuck to the walls of the ducts. A powerful vacuum sucks out all of the dislodged lint. When this is complete, it will allow exhaust from the the dryer to move swiftly and uninhibited. Depending on how gunked up your dryer ducting is, this can drastically decrease drying time, prevent parts in the dryer from burning out and having to be replaced, and will also circumvent the risk of fire.

– Other Services for the Orange County Area –

  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
    We’ve all seen the kitchen exhaust vents that are just caked with grease. Every time you try to clean it, there’s still some grease left there and it just streaks. Call a professional to clean the exhaust system and have it cleaned to white-glove standards!
  • Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning
    Your bathroom exhaust fans will get dirty very quickly if you also have dirty air ducts in your home. Ask you technician about having your bathroom exhaust cleaned as well
  • Wall Heater Cleaning / Gravity Furnace Cleaning
    Because of the mild weather in Orange County, not many people think to clean their wall heater or gravity furnace due to infrequent use. While it may be true that you can go a longer period of time between cleanings, you should at least request that your technician inspect your heater or furnace for any noticable outpoints. This quick inspection could save you a headache from having a problem later when you need the heat.
  • Dead Animal Removal
    Call us for a free quote on removing dead animals from your premises. 
  • Minor Air Duct Repair
    If you’ve got one or two rooms in the house that just don’t seem to get as cool as the rest of the house, you may have a leaking or broken air duct. In many cases we can repair broken or leaking ducts rather than replacing them. Ask  your technician to inspect the ducts if you feel there may be a broken or leaking duct.