I have been in the dryer duct cleaning, air duct cleaning and chimney sweep business in Orange County, CA for a quite some time now. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of dirt and grime that comes out of vents. There was a house that we did a dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA where we over-filled a black trash bag from just ONE vent! This is an extremely large potential hazard.

As you know, dryers use a fairly large amount of heat to dry, and they blow the air out a tube which goes outside your house. As you use the dryer, even though you clean the lint trap, trace amounts get through the lint trap and cling to the dryer vent ducting. Over time, this lint builds up. It could possibly get to a point where so much has built up that your clothes start taking a long time to dry. This often is because the dryer vent tube is so caked with lint, that only a small amount of air can pass through it. like a kinked garden hose. This is obviously not an ideal situation, but what many people do not think of is the potential hazard of it. Lint is very fluffy as you know. Lint is also EXTREMELY flammable, and you dryer uses high amounts of heat to dry. In fact, when drying, the heater element gets red hot. Now if even a small amount of heat gets on that and catches fire, then your entire dryer vent is susceptible to catching fire. This would be a bad day for all parties involved.

For this reason I’ve started doing videos to help my customers, do-it-yourselfers and future customers. Please see below to view all of our videos:

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